Scripture on interracial dating ibm options back dating

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Scripture on interracial dating

And by the way, this article applies to women just as much as men, because when you get married the State becomes your children's surrogate parents.Literally, the State has the legal right to tell you how to raise THEIR children.My brother is gay and I know what he goes through and went through when he was younger. They are just like us but they like the opposite sex. So does that mean parents that are divorced or widowed should get there kids taken away? This will be the Beast System of the coming man of sin, a charismatic and influential world dictator, the Antichrist.I understand that money is one of the major issues and fathers certainly ought to be required to support their children. I do not believe that a husband should be required to support his wife for the rest of her life if she decides to divorce.

Behind the euphoria of today's modern music is a thug Police State waiting to take your child and slave you out in a heathen workplace for the rest of your life, living in government housing, depending upon the government for everything, and the government having total control over your life. I don't condemn anyone for their sins, because only God has the right to judge (Romans -12; James ; 5:9).

I read an article the other day saying how gays shouldnt be able to adopt because theres not a mother and a father.

Please understand that I am NOT discouraging marriage with this article, I simply want you to be aware of what is happening in America today.

The greatest business in the world is to mind your own business.

Those who in any way encourage, nurture and cause a divorce will give account to God for destroying that which is sacred and holy in God's eyes.

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Men rush into marriage, but American women are infamous for being cruel, malicious and taking everything they can get in a divorce. Having said that, I am not saying that all women are evil in America, not at all.

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